Sunday, March 10, 2013


I know some young people who had a baby recently.  Neither of them are very good cooks nor do they have much money.  I went on a website search for them once to help them learn how to get the best use they can out of their WIC funds.  They are no longer using the assistance, but I know there are others out there who could.  

If you put yourself on a WIC challenge, how well do you think you'd fare?

Government websites with receipes and information
California Department of Public Health
Minnesota Department of Health
USDA WIC works resource system
Texas Wic
Marquette County Health Dept
The Bean Book
WIC Cookbook

Mother Love Goddess
WIC food recipes
On Food Stamps
Food Stamps Cooking Club

Other websites
Team4nutrition Food Stamp Challenge
Cooking with WIC

Not Free

$2.99 on Amazon (Kindle Edition)
The Food Stamp Budge Gourmet Cookbook
$2.00 on Lulu (.pdf)

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