Sunday, December 22, 2013

Great Imaginations

I discovered Viral Nova recently. I think a facebook post led me that way. There are a variety of stories there, from heart warming histories, to art finds, and buzzfeed style lists.  Great place to lose track of some time.

Join me on a tour as I share some of my favorite finds.
Michael Paul Smith.
At first glance you think he's a simple photographer, or maybe a photo collector.
But if you dig in just a little bit farther, you see that he crafts these amazing images with a little bit of imagination and the help of forced perspective.
Learn more, donate to his village, or purchase prints at his site: Visit Elgin Park

Lacy Knudson.
What can you do with a little mixed, smooshed play-doh

Your family, a food dehydrator
A plan
& some time?
Something amazing.
Learn more about it at Dozayik.  You can even purchase gift card prints.