Saturday, March 16, 2013


I was raised in a very craft rich household.  As a result, in my adult life I have accumulated enough craft knowledge to have learned how to do many, many different things.  I have to limit my visits to craft stores for specific projects (otherwise I'm much too tempted to come home with more projects then I can possibly accomplish in a lifetime).

My very favorite crafts though (and my biggest weakness) revolves around yarn.  Knit, Crochet, and even spinning my own yarn from raw fibers.

In late 2007 I discovered and joined an amazing community of crafters and discovered patterns and ideas from around the world that I never would have found otherwise.

If you like knit, crochet or even spinning - this site is for you.  Membership is free and if you don't already belong you are missing out.

Browse patterns from around the world.  Sometimes they're free, sometimes you'll have to buy a book or magazine, but it's a great way to peek inside a publication before you make that purchase.

Find a beautiful yarn in your favorite shop and have no idea what to use it for?  Search for your yarn and see how other people used it.

Keep a digital favorites list of projects you love, want to make, or just to use as inspiration

Keep a digital log of all projects you are currently working.  It will help you track all the details along the way, including the fiber used, how long it took you to complete, any special notes or changes you made, even how difficult the project is. 

Create a catalog of your fiber stash.  How much you have, where you bought it.  Want to offer it up to share with someone else, there's a feature that allows you to "advertise" you're willing to part with a fiber in your stash.

Create a personal library. Go through your physical library and catalog everything on your bookshelf.  Whether it's a magazine, a ravelry purchased .pdf, published book and sometimes even loose patterns.  

 Join groups (like online bulletin boards) on a huge variety of topics... not all necessarily fiber related.

Can you tell I love this place?  Like I said, if you are a knitter/crocheter/spinner... you should check it out.

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