Sunday, March 10, 2013

Free Recipes

For my first post, I think maybe something in the "free" realm; because really , who doesn't like free? I recently discovered Woman  All it really is, is new free offers every day, sometimes coupons, links to samples offers, digital downloads, you get the idea. And they have other sites for things related to babies, pets, beauty, food, etc.  

Today while looking for Easter Eggs on the site  I came across digital downloadable cookbooks.  The kind like you find in the grocery store at the check out counter.

They linked up two from that site directly and I love them so much I had to go on a hunt for more. Below you will find a list of everything I could find on my morning web tours.

They are created through a company called nxtbook and work with Adobe Air, some can be downloaded in .pdf format, and others as their own executable or in the .air format.  Nxtbook by the way looks like a really cool resource if you wanted to publish a digital book, catalog or ezine of any kind.

General Mills - Indexed
Gold Medal Baking Mixes - Make More with Less (22 recipes each, download in .air & .pdf)
Volume 3 - Volume 4 - Volume 5 - Volume 6 - Volume 7

General Mills including: Betty Crocker & Pillsbury (Volume.Issue)
5.2 Betty Crocker - Appetizers & Desserts more than 70 15-minute appetizers (.exe, .pdf)
6.1 Betty Crocker - Cakes, Bars & Cookies 70+ recipes (.air, .pdf)
6.3 Betty Crocker - Bisquick 70+ recipes & tips (.exe, .pdf)
7.1 Betty Crocker - Cookies, bars & cakes 70+ yummy recipes (.exe, .pdf)
13.2 Pillsbury Casseroles & Slow Cooker Meals - 24 speedy casseroles (.exe, .pdf)
14.1 Pillsbury Holiday appetizers, sides, desserts, menus
14.2 Pillsbury One-Dish meals 70 + recipes (.air, .pdf)
15.1 Pillsbury Spring Get-Togethers - 70+ fun recipes (.air, .pdf)
15.3 Betty Crocker - Soups Stews & Chilies 28 slow cooker recipes (.exe)
15.4 Betty Crocker - Holiday Cookies (2007) 70+ recipes (.exe, .pdf)
15.5 Betty Crocker - Diabetes Easy Family Meals 70+ recipes (.exe)
16.1 Betty Crocker - Brunch Main Dishes - Coffee Cakes - Desserts & More (.exe)
16.3 Betty Crocker - Birthday Parties 70+ recipes 9 menus (.exe, .pdf)
16.5 Pillsbury Easy fabulous Pies, Tarts & More - 74 recipes (.exe)
17.1 Betty Crocker - Healthy Home Cooking 60 recipes under 300 calories &  175 tips to better eating (.air, .pdf)
17.5 Pillsbury Cresents biscuits & more 70 + recipes (.air, .pdf)
21.5A Betty Crocker - All-time Best Recipes 107 recipes celebrating 90 years of Betty Crocker (.air, .pdf)
21.9 Pillsbury Best Recipes ever! 121 recipes (.air, .pdf)

General Mills - Not Indexed
Gold Metal - Whole Wheat Baking (2008) - 12 Fabulous favorites (.exe, .pdf)
Gold Metal Mix Champions (2011) (.air, .pdf)
Betty Crocker Casseroles & slow cooker meals (2009) 70+ recipes (.air, .pdf)
Betty Crocker - Big Book of Cupcakes (.air, .pdf)
Progresso Soups & More 74 recipe cards (.air, .pdf)
Pillsbury - Halloween food - parties - crafts - fun (2006) - Over 100 spooky ideas (no save option*)
Pillsbury Bake-Off More than 50 years of contests, 41 recipes (.air, .pdf)
Pillsbury Bake-Off #43 (.air, .pdf)
Pillsbury Place & Bake Buscuits  (.air, .pdf)
Pillsbury Place & Bake Muffins (.air, .pdf)
Pillsbury Biscutis - Vesatility Made Simple (.air, .pdf)

Other brands
Jiffy - America's Favorite Jiffy mixes Recipes (rev 03.03.10) (.air, .pdf) 

There's an App for that (on ITunes)
Betty Crocker Cookbook
Nxtbook Nxtstand

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